How to Create ODBC Connection

Before going to work with Administration Tool, We have to know How to create ODBC Connection for our database. Using this connection only, we are importing all the data sources into the physical layer of RPD in Administration Tool.

OBIEE is supporting almost all the datasources like Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, MySQL, XML and etc., In the following example, We will discuss How to make a connection with Oracle Database.

1. Go To Control Panel -> Administrative Tool -> Click Data Sources (ODBC) then following screen will appear.

2. From the above screen, Click System DSN tab then you will get new screen like below:

3. I'm going to connect with SH inbuilt schema of Oracle 11g database. So Click Add in the above screen to get a new screen like below:

The above "Create New Data Source" screen will display all the drivers of Installed datasources. Click on Oracle 11g_home1 and then Click finish.

4. The below screen will appear as a result of above actions. In the below "Oracle Driver Configuration" Screen, Enter all details of Data Source Name, Service Name, User Name and then Click "Test Connection" Button. 
It will give "Oracle ODBC Driver Connect" Screen, there you have to give the password of that schema.

5. Once you entered The User Name and Password of the database, It will give Connection Successful window screen like below.

6. Click "OK" in all the screen and come to main screen. It will just give the "SH" DSN that just created and you can see in below screen.

The connection is made successfully and you are ready to import the datasource and ready to work with Administration Tool. 
Like above, you can make a connection for various data source that you want.

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