Data Mining

The core of Business Intelligence Applications is Data warehousing and the core of Data warehousing is Data Mining. If we are speaking the technical aspect, Data Mining is gathering knowledge from Data. So Knowledge of Data Discovery also part of the Data Mining. 

So Data mining is the important subject to know, if we are working in data warehousing.

Definition of  Data Mining:

Data mining is the entire process of applying computer-based methodology, including new techniques for knowledge discovery, from data.

Knowledge discover explains the step of process How to get the useful data from the Raw data.

From the below picture, you will know the knowledge discovery process.

Step 1:
The data is collected from various sources like spreadsheet, flatfiles, dmp, and etc., that is called Raw Data.

Step 2:
The collected raw data is integrated and cleansed to make a data warehousing. Data Integration is involving collect all the source data and making a single unit of system and cleaning Data involves removing or making Junk files and only keeping the necessary files that needed for data warehousing.

Step 3: 
The real process of Data mining starts from Data warehousing. So after integration and Cleansing of data, data is transforming into various subject area called Sales, Purchase, Finance and etc.,

Step 4:

So from the separated subject area, we are applying all the knowledge i.e Domain knowledge and we are giving the specific output from the data. 

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