How to Create New RPD - Part2

Importing Data source from SH Database:                                                             

Open the Administration Tool and create New Repository by following the below steps:

1. Select Start > Programs > Oracle Business Intelligence > BI Administration

2. Click File -> New Repository -> Click Ok

3. In the window, give RPD Name "SH", give Username  "Administrator" and Password "Administrator"

after that you will get the following blank RPD and it will be saved in the following path

C:\Oracle BI\Server\Repository\SH.rpd

Before going to import the data source from SH schema, we have to create the DSN for SH Schema.

Next click on the file -> import -> from database, then will get the following screen.

Select SH DSN and enter the password of SH schema and click Ok. It will look like the screen by below:

By clicking the "OK" button from the above screen, you will get the following import popup window. so, select SH schema from that window and click import.

Once the tables are imported,  we will get all the tables in the physical layer of the RPD. The screen is looking like following:

In the Next Post, we will learn how to create relation between the table by making join between the table using physical layer diagram.

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